Aquacomb Water Pods can be hidden
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Aquacomb is innovative detention and re-use system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater for New Zealand buildings. Aquacomb is a series of interconnected water storage pods that are located within a concrete slab or under driveways or decks.


Having your water stored completely out of sight means there’s more usable space for the homeowner. Aquacomb is cost-effective and in many cases less expensive than other detention and re-use systems.


Let us take the fuss off your hands with our end-to-end stormwater solutions.

Our specialized team can design, supply, install and service the perfect, innovative stormwater solution tailored to your needs.

Stormwater Detention and Retention/Re-Use

Stormwater Detention

Stormwater detention tanks temporarily store rainwater collected from your roof and other hard surfaces on your property after extreme rainfall events and release the water into the council stormwater system at a much slower rate.

Temporarily storing or “detaining” the water and then slowly releasing it over a period of time reduces short-term peak outflows from your property and minimizes the impact of the water on the local environment, reducing the risk of local flooding.

Since a city has thousands of homes discharging rainwater into the public stormwater facilities, regulations now ensure new homes do not add to this water volume and overwhelm the stormwater system. Councils require a certain volume of water detention capacity but do not require any particular method of achieving it. 

Stormwater Retention/Re-Use

Stormwater retention/re-use is exactly like it sounds! Stormwater is collected off your roof or other hard surfaces (just like how it is collected for detention) and then stored in your tanks. Instead of slowly releasing the water, you hold onto it. This water can then be used at a later date for things like flushing the toilet, watering the garden, and even washing your car or boat.