Our Range

Stormwater Systems is proud to have created two innovative stormwater solutions that can be adapted to suit your stormwater needs.

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Aquacomb is an innovative detention and

re-use system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater for New Zealand buildings. Aquacomb is a series of interconnected water storage pods that are located within a concrete slab or under driveways or decks.

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An essential element of a modern minimalist building project is smart storage. Having a large and unsightly water tank is the easiest way to disrupt that ambiance! FenceTank, our newest slimline water retention innovation, naturally blends with your property's periphery allowing for a smart and almost invisible solution that's perfect for projects where space is a premium. 

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The Silo 800L above ground tank is one of the newest additions to our water tank range. The tall, slim design allows an easy fit into tight spaces around your home. 

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Designed for easy expansion, the stormPANEL is available as 1,000L or coming soon, 2,000L tanks. The slim design allows for an easy retrofit into existing properties. 

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stormVAULT tanks store excess stormwater below ground and slowly release it into the council stormwater system. They are built from environmentally friendly, long-lasting material and come in standard sizes from 2,000L to 10,000, with other volumes available on request.