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Easy Install

One of the easiest water tanks to install - simple connection to an existing downpipe.

Connect Together

The 1,000L and 2,000L models have been designed to connect together to increase volume

Ultra Thin

Designed to take up as little space as possible, stormPANEL is only 460mm deep


Available in 1,000 litres, and soon to come 2,000 litres, stormPANEL is an ultra-slim above-ground water tank. When space is tight, stormPANEL tanks are ideal for existing and new homes. The tanks are designed to not be seen and the ease of handling was part of the design process from the start

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1,000L stormPANEL Dimensions:

1,950mm high x 1,520mm long x 460mm deep

COMING SOON: 2,000L stormPANEL Dimensions:

1,950mm high x 3,1300mm long x 460mm deep

Benefits & Features:

  • Quick and easy installation - just a simple connection to an existing downpipe

  • Extra 25mm outlets for orifice overflow points or garden taps available to add on

  • 2x 50mm brass BSP outlet - one at each end of the tank

  • Tank grade plastic enables for potable water or stormwater - ideal for reuse systems

  • A 300mm lid is fitted for ease of inspection and cleaning

  • Designed with moulded in lifting lugs for certified shackles

  • 10 year warranty applies to all stormPANEL tanks


stormPANEL tanks are manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene available which is ideally suited to our moulding technique giving long life and trouble-free service. The material is certified to AS/NZ4766:2006, AS/NZS4020:205, and AS/NZS 2070 so are suitable for potable water.

Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode and is UV stabilised for New Zealand’s harsh environmental conditions. The manufacturing process produces zero waste of polyethylene and the product is 100% recyclable. At the end of its useful life, it can be returned to us to be recycled into other long-lasting products.

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The stormPANEL is designed to AS/NZS4766 by independent engineers with generic seismic and wind restraint systems for New Zealand’s most trying areas - PS1 documents for restraints are available with all stormPANEL tanks. 


Please note colours may not be 100% accurate to the actual tank colour due to digital variations

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stormPANEL tanks have been designed with threaded M5 pointing points on one side to allow the fitting of custom artwork, wooden trellis, or other screening (not supplied with the tank)  not that the attachments must be supported at ground level


Wall Restraint Kit

4x galvanized brackets, 4x M10 x 25mm bolts, 4x M10 washers

Pole Restraint Kit

4x galvanized 75x50mm RHS poles, 4x M10 x 75mm bolts, 4 x M10 washers, 2x Plastic end caps

multtank base connection.PNG

50mm Multi-Tank Base Connection Kit

50mm Hansen Union, 50mm Hansen nipple, 50mm x 150mm nipple, thread tape


stormPANEL has been proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand with the intent to provide a rainwater harvesting solution for Kiwis right from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

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Frequently Asked Question's

What sizes and colours are available?

stormPANEL tanks are available in a range of Devan colours. Standard sizes available are 1,000L to a soon to be available 2,000L. Larger volumes are achieved by coupling multiple tanks together onsite with ease.

Who can install stormPANEL tanks?

As a retrofit installation for garden watering, the stormPANEL system is within the ability of a home handy person but for new builds or connections to plumbing, or consented work – any qualified plumber or drain layer can install.

We highly recommend WaterSmart - 0800 22 09 09

Does stormPANEL come with a warranty?

stormPANEL stormwater tanks come with a 10-year domestic warranty. Devan has been in business for over 30 years and if there’s anything that time has taught us, it is that our customers see no compromise when it comes to confidence and reliability.

Are the tanks compliant?

They sure are! stormPANEL is designed to exceed AS/NZS4766:2020 and the material is certified to AS/NZS4766:2006, AS/NZS4020:2005, and AS/NZS 2070

What are they made of?

The highest quality polyethylene available. Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode and is ultraviolet stabilised. The manufacturing process produces zero waste and the product is 100% recyclable; it’s also ideally suited to our moulding technique, giving long life and trouble-free service. 

Where can stormPANEL be installed?

The tanks have been designed for installation on an above ground flat surface. It is suggested to install on a concrete base min 100 mm thick, with nominal ductile mesh reinforcement if subsoils are in accordance with NZS3604 classification for “good ground”. Alternative options such as paving slabs laid on a firm compacted sand & gravel base are acceptable if subsoils are in accordance with NZS3604 classification for “good ground”.


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